We love Sunday mornings for the fellowship, prayer, worship and teaching. Sunday mornings at Skyline are joyful and especially in our Skyline Kids classrooms. 



Families are invited but not expected to worship together at the beginning of service if that is a good fit for you and your children. Parents are welcome to walk kids (5 and under) to their class at any point during the service as you deem appropriate. 

Nursing Mothers

We don’t mind hearing baby sounds in service, but the chapel is available to nurse or quiet babies at any point with audio streaming. Doors to the chapel are accessible at the Northwest corner of the sanctuary.


Nurseries are open for drop off at 9:45. Be sure to stop by the check in desk for a name tag. As children learn about their world, we aim to introduce children to the love of God through songs, sensory activities, and exploratory play. 

Preschool Age 

Classrooms are open at 9:45 for kids under elementary. As kids grow and develop, we focus on introducing kids to the story and character of God so they know without a doubt God wants to be their friend forever. 


Elementary children are dismissed after worship for what we call XPeriment Groups (XP). Kids start out altogether as they are introduced to a Bible story that matches the virtue of the month. Kids then break out into groups by grade level where parents pick them up directly after service. Kids engage with each virtue through games, crafts, and Bible interaction as they review and apply the Bible story and memorize scripture. We hope elementary children walk away with a hunger for The Word and a heart for God’s people. 


Family Experience, or FX, is where families of elementary children gather together to practice discipleship around the table. Each week consists of worship, a Bible story, family prayer time, and stories of church family members living out the virtue of the month from 9-9:30 in the fellowship hall downstairs. Kids split into XChange groups to further unpack the Bible story with consistent mentor couples from 9:30-9:55. We hope parents feel equipped to be the primary disciplers in their homes. Childcare is available for littles 4 and under so parents can lead family time fully engaged. Check out the calendar to see which Sundays we offer FX. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Where can I check in my child and receive a name tag?

We have kiosks in the front lobby, outside the nursery hall, and downstairs in the fellowship hall. 

What if it’s our first visit?

Arrive a few minutes early and head to the check in near the nursery hall so we can get some necessary information and help you find your child(ren)’s class(es). Check out our visit tab for more information.

Do I need to check my child in every week?

We all know it’s easier to connect with someone when you know his name, so our volunteers would very much appreciate those name tags. 

Can I serve in Skyline’s children’s ministry?

To apply to serve with Skyline kids, check out our serve form. We will be in contact with you to complete a background check and determine what area of this ministry might be the best fit for you.